Where are you going? Where have you been?

Hey! I'm Maddie. Nice to meet you! Meeting new people and being the new girl is a big part of my life as an Army Brat. I am in the 9th grade and attending my 11th school. Yes, you heard that correctly. Switching schools often and moving is a way of life for military families. Sometimes it can be hard, and several moves can have a negative affect. But I am here to change that. I want to give Brats a reason to look forward to and feel good about this crazy military life. There will be many adventures over the years.

I call us Brats. I love being part of a special group of people who grow up in the military culture. Only a select few can be called Brats and it's a perfect example of how a negative can be turned into a positive. Military kids have been called brats for a very long time. The origin of this term is fuzzy, so I have taken this term of endearment and gave it a new meaning.

Brave. Resilient. Adventurous. Traveler. This is truly who we are. Call us Brats! It's okay, it's something to be proud of.

Brave - we are the children/teens who to send our parents off to combat, who brave the first day at a new school many times, and stand up for what we believe in even when it's not popular.

Resilient - the ups and downs of military life teach us that everything is going to be okay.

Adventurous - military kids get to experience things that most kids only dream of. We get to ride in Strykers, complete Army obstacle courses, zip line at the Airborne School, fly in giant military air planes, and more.

Traveler - we travel, a LOT, from coast to coast and internationally. This constant travel opens our eyes to our country and the world.

Collecting Brat Stamps for all the places you have lived tells your story. Share your journey and be proud of it.

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